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'SERTEL' GPS receiver is a specialised equipment for Time
Synchronisation and clock calibration. It receives the signals from GPS Satellites and outputs a time based pulse (1 PPS) every second in precise synchornisation with UTC. Each 1PPS pulse is accompanied by a serial Data Packet output (a real time data comprising of year, month, day, hour, minute and second) which is a time stamp for that pulse. This cost effective system provides stable 1PPS signals even when switching satellites due to concurrent processing of 8 channel data.
Application :
a) Time Base synchronisation among broad casting stations, telephone exchanges, etc.
b) Systems in which precise time stamping is vital such as Power
Generation and Distribution , Seismometering etc.
c) Networking system is which time synchronisation among nodes is important.
Successfully conducted a type test from M/s Sameer for GPS & Masterclock along with power supply as per the following:

1 Electrical Fast Transient Test as per IEC61000-4-4, 1995
2 Electrostatic Discharge Test as per IEC61000-4-2, 1999
3 High Energy Surge Test as per IEC61000-4-5, 1995
4 1.0 MHz Damped Oscillatory Surge Test as per IEC255-45, 1976
5 Power Frequency Magnetic Field Test IEC61000-4-8, 1993
6 Radiated Susceptibility Test as per IEC61000-4-3, 1998
7 Conducted RF Immunity Test as per IEC61000-4-6, 1996

Designed for high accuracy time synchronisation and frequency calibration using standard Time and Frequency signals propagated by National Physical Laboratory through INSAT satellite. This microprocessor based system is fully automatic in operation and requires minimum amount of operator involvement. This low powered device is powered simultaneously by 220V AC and 24V Dc to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of mains failure. In addition to time display (1ST ), this equipment provides the following outputs :
a) 1PPS (TTL level) pulse output sychronised to NPL Time Standard within +/- 20 microseconds to provide time
synchronisation and clock calibration.
b) 1MHz (5V TTL) frequency output phase locked to the received signal with an accuracy of 10-9 for frequency

Display the same time in a number of locations irrespective of the distance. Provide time related signals to synchronise the time of microprocessor based clock system. Transmission of time data is not affected by noise or fluctuations in power supply etc. The central clock can be synchronised with IST / UTC by monitoring by STFS Decoder / GPS Receiver. Built in Reserve Power keeps the central clocks operational in case of power outages,whereas satellite clocks get synchronised with the central clock immediately after powering.
This generates coded time signals conforming to standards of Inter- Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG). These signals are used to:
a)Transfer time information from one device to another.
b)Provide a means of time annotating data and correlating multiple data sources and multiple data points while monitoring or recording various types of real time data in Tape Recorder etc.
c)Provide precise time or time intervals to monitor critical activities involved in rocket launching ; launching and tracking of space ships, power generation and distribution etc.
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