Central & Satellite Clocks GPS Receiver
IRIGB Time Code Generator STFS Decoder
Digital Indicators & Controllers Mineral InsulatedThermocouple
Resistance Thermometers
Electronic Strip Chart Recorder
Besides the SERTEL range of products, we also maufacture other products such as hand held portable digital multimeter, hand held portable digital multimeter, heavy duty industrial metal sheathed thermocouple assemblies, mineral insulated thermocouples, resistance temperature detector assembly, oven controlled crystal oscillator.
Our other represented products are:
a) Process Instruments
  • Microprocessor based Instruments for indicating Controlling and Recording
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Burner Control System

b) Power Monitoring Equipment

  • Electrical Transducers
  • Microprocessor based digital energy meters
  • Maximum Demand Controllers
  • Microprocessor based protection relays

c) Variable Speed Drives

d) Time Management System


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