GPS Receiver - Type Test of MIL Standard
1. Vibration Test        (As per MIL-810D)
2. Dust Test              (As per MIL-810D)
3. Dry Heat Test        (As per IEC 68-2-2)
4. Damp Heat Test     (As per IEC 68-3)
Functional Specifications
Description     The Sertel is a self contained GSM/GPS device with external connections for GSM/GPS antennas, Power, I/O & RS232 (The unit is designed for interior mounting, but we can supply IP67 polycarbonate housings for arduous conditions)
Positional Updates At any time the Sertel can poll for an updated position
Tracking Automatic updates can be sent on the following criteria
  • Time, e.g. every 15 minutes
  • Distance, e.g. every 100 Kms or miles
  • Timed, e.g. at 08:00, 12:00 and 6:00
  • Ignition on or timed off
  • Status change
  • Alarm input
  • Arrival or departure from 35 destination


Accident Log

1024 positions and events are stored in a circular log file called the TrackLog, enabling detailed driver data to be downloaded using GSM Data call, SMS Message.
The last driven 1000 seconds of GPS data is also recored to assist with accident investigation
GPS Position Data Date & Time (GMT) of the position/response
Date & Time (GMT) of the last good position
Latitude & Longitude (WGS84)
Direction of travel
GPS positional Accuracy (HDOP)
GPS Satellites in view
Alarms / inputs 2 inputs are available for alarm/status change
Outputs 2 outputs are available to switch devices on/off or high/low
Power Management Sertel powers on when the vehicle's ignition is switched on,when the ignition is switched off the Sertel powers down over two hours.
Anti-Tamper If the powercable is removed from the Sertel, a "Tamper" alarm is sent to the control station, Black box of the vehicle
Tasking A warning can be sent to the control station if delivery of 1-5 timed deliveries cannot be met.This is determined by the Sertel calculating the straight line distance from its present location to the destination using an assumed averange vehicle speed, say 30 MPH (configurable) to determine whether the Sertel will arrive at the on time.Arrival at destination (a) confirmed to host, and (b) automatically cancels task.A task is automatically cancelled six hours after the time slot has elapsed
Service Reports Sertel can report that X miles / KMS have been driven
Vehicle Utilisation Sertel utilisation reports can be set to report on daily driven hours and mileage, either daily, weekly or monthly
Maintenance The Sertel can be set to automatically "Check in" with the Control Station to ensure that the unit is operational
Remote Configuration All settings can be checked and changed over the air.
Security The Sertel has a number of security levels:
Open, anyone knowing the Sertel's GSM number, can "ping" it for a position.
Sertel will only respond to known numbers.
Commands and responses are encrypted.

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